Look Wider Scheme

Look Wider is a Senior Section Award Scheme and forms the basis of the Senior Section Program. There are 8 octants:

  • Community Action
  • Creativity
  • Fit For Life
  • Independent Living
  • International
  • Leadership
  • Out of Doors
  • Personal Values

And each octant has 3 phases:

  • Phase 1 – complete 3 taster/ short activites
  • Phase 2 – concentrate on an activity for 12 hours
  • Phase 3 – develop an activity for 30 hours or 20hrs+ gain a recognised award or 20hrs+ teach the skill to someone else

If you complete all phases of an Octant, you gain a cloth badge for that Octant. The Chief Guide’s Award is awarded for completing Phases 1 and 2 of all of the Octants.

Since I’ve got just over a year until my 26th birthday, I decided to try and earn the octant badges and Chief Guide’s Award.

This is my plan for the Look Wider Scheme. Things in italics, either haven’t been started or are not completed yet.

Community Action – Complete
1.1. Send a Post Pals letter – find pals | Post Pals
1.2. Try upcycling clothes – made a cushion cover from an old t-shirt
1.3. Church Fete – we help at the church fete to pay our rent for the year
2. Charity committee in work (Done in own time) – cook off, coffee mornings, bake sales
3. Running Guide Unit

1.1. Paracord Bracelets – Then taught the Guides
1.2. Learnt how to put on makeup – Went to Debenhams to learn
1.3. Dreamcatchers for Guide Craft – First craft I’ve organised by myself
2. Make crocheted gifts – Bunny lovey (8 Hours), Hammer (4 Hours)
3. Further develop crochet skill, Bunny Lovey (7 hours), Dog Lovey (5 hours), Blanket 

Fit For Life – Complete
1.1 Peak (Brain Training) – app
1.2. Meditation
1.3. Pilates
2. Pilates (took two 6 weeks courses)
3. Tae Kwon Do and Self Defence (Teaching Guides/Brownies/Rainbows and personal training)

Independent Living – Complete
1.1. CV writing
1.2. Flat pack Furniture (Cot) – For a friend not me
1.3. Camp Blanket Sewing. Making awards for girls – Taught myself how to sew and taught the Guides as well
2. First Response
3. Moving out – I moved country and into a house on my own. I figured out bills and a new job and am looking after myself well.

1.1. Attended SS talk about international and encouraging the girls to go
1.2. WAGGGS #connect10million Thinking Day event
1.3. Recipes – Dhansak Curry, mushroom risotto, fajitas, Caribbean chicken
2. Nepal Earthquake Collections – Sent money to the Guides and Scouts of Nepal – Coffee evening, name the teddy bear and No. of sweets in the Jar
3. Commonwealth Award

Leadership – Complete
1.1. #Selfie Challenge badge Meeting
1.2. Leadership section training – Guides
1.3. GLOW online – WAGGGS learning portal
2. Tae Kwon Do Black Belt in Charge of Competition rings and referee
3. ALQ

Out of Doors – Complete
1.1. Climbing wall with Guides at camp – Very new experience with the Guides
1.2. Set up promise wide game – had the Guides searching for Glow sticks with the words of the promise on them
1.3. Dragon boating
2. Cooking Outside – Research (1 hours), trangia (4 Hours), flatstone (1 hour), Banana in carton (2 hours), fire building and cooking potatoes (1.5hrs), Buddy Burner (2.5hrs)
3. Scout Moot 2017 – I attended, it was a big challenge, cooking outdoors, living and working with a Tribe of 40 and pushing myself to try new things

Personal Values – Complete
1.1. Understanding the new promise with Guides
1.2. Talk with Guides about Guides in War – Read the book, How the Girl Guides won the war
1.3. Organ, blood and marrow donation – Have donated blood and signed up for everything else
2. Make a will – Obviously wouldn’t take 12 hours so I undertook research into how to write a will and legacies
3. Blog about GirlGuiding and Being a Leader – I’m actually finding this really good for my mental health