Catching Up

So I’ve had a busy few months and want to get back to blogging a bit more often. No promises but I will do my best.

A quick summary.

  • I finally aged out of Senior Section – #onlyagrownupinguidingnow
  • The night before my birthday I got assessed for and awarded my Commonwealth award. I quote “My god you can really talk”
  • I got asked to be County Senior Section Adviser and have agreed
  • I’ve been running a lot of self defence sessions with Rainbow, Brownie, Guide and Senior Section units in the county
  • Went to the GirlGuiding Roverway briefing weekend and made lots and lots of new friends
  • Had Guide Camp
  • Ran lots of Guide and Senior Section meetings
  • Started planning my first training session (hurry up March)
  • Volunteered at Brownie Starburst in the STEM area

Burning Promise

Our May Senior Section meeting was busy.

They had requested to hire the pyrography pens so that they could spend a bit of time decorating some wood. Since there are so few of them and so much time, they reckoned they could do some really nice work and my young leaders had had a taster with the Guides.

My mentor was coming to do a unit visit and I decided that it wasn’t a great idea for my attention to be elsewhere when the Senior Section were using hot things. I asked Timber to come and give a hand so that someone could keep their eye on them. Turns out Timber is really artistic and an absolute treasure trove of ideas and materials and a lovely person as well.

I think one of the things that I really enjoy about Guiding as an adult is that there is no age divide. I’m 25 but Guide with people who are older than that and its never an issue, we have great conversations and go out for dinner together etc.

Overhand had come to visit because the International Opportunities weekend was coming up and we were trying to persuade the Senior Section to go for it. We were both super excited about our trip to Iceland for the World Scout Moot coming up in the summer (There is going to be a blog post, or maybe a few) and wanted to get them interested. We did convince Merida to go for selection and she is now heading to Spain next year. I was really proud.

We moved on to some promise activities. I had some exercises on making your own decisions and being true to yourself. We had a discussion about what the promise meant to everyone and made some good turn promise beads, which gave us lots of time to chat.

My mentor, Crown and the Peer Education Coordinator came to visit and I discovered they were both Trainers. I had a chat with them about being a prospective and came out with Crown as my Tutor, so definitely a success! I can get started on training now 🙂 ( I also went to the trainers conference, very informative, met up with the Ulster lot and made some new friends from Anglia).


Up, Up and Away

Apologies for not blogging in so long. On the positive side, its because life has been going really well, I’ve been busy with friends and Guiding and am really glad I moved over here.

Our Campfire got cancelled, as the heavens opened and it chucked it down. We are Guides, we could totally run a campfire in the rain but no one would be happy and would never want another campfire. So that week got cancelled and instead us leaders had a lovely night in at Celtic’s house and she made us dinner.

The following week I had flown home to surprise my mother for her 50th (It went really well) and Timber and Windsor ran a PJ party with popcorn and hot chocolate, they watched the old version of Beauty and the Beast and had a great time.

Next meeting was a trip to Clip and Climb. This was with the Guides and the Senior Section, fulfilling my requirement for my Senior Section ALQ to join with another unit for an activity.

Fantastic evening, the set up in there was pretty good, we had exclusive use of the place, and there were enough walls and staff that all of them could be climbing at once.

2017-06-08 19.33.57.jpg

I think we will be returning to Clip and Climb, it was a request from all of our Guides to do so!

Cooking with the Senior Section

Our second meeting dawned and we had four people attend, so we are slowly growing. They had decided they wanted to make spaghetti bolognese and I reckoned that that was a bit too easy so I decided to add a bit of a challenge.

I gave them a recipe to cook it from scratch, a jar of sauce and a ready meal. They had to make each of them, taste them, price them and decide which was best!

It was a good exercise, especially considering that many of them will be heading off to uni in the future, I just didn’t expect it to take so long! I tried to stay out of the way and let them get on with it but I did have to step in when I smelt burning. Thank goodness it was only a bit of sauce on the bottom of the pan.

Overall, they hated the ready meal, and had a toss up with the jar and from scratch. We also tried fresh spaghetti and dried, the dried was miles better.

It took them three hours to cook, eat and clear up, I have no idea how. It takes me half an hour. But they had fun and got chatting and that’s good 🙂

We finished up by doing an A-Z of activities that we might like to do. I’m not sure how to get them to step up and start planning things themselves but I’m willing to keep trying.


Senior Section Grand Opening

In my eternal madness, I’ve decided to open a Senior Section in the District. I have a lot of free time these days since the leadership team in my new unit is so competent and I’ve given up Tae Kwon Do because of my joints.

My previous unit had a Senior Section attached and I’ve been doing most of the awards myself in the last few years so I have a pretty good knowledge of the programme and I think I connect pretty well with the age group, at least, I hope so. I am having to redo Module 1 of the ALQ, and apparently I will get a mentor for it! I didn’t have a mentor for my leadership so this will be interesting.

We have a lot of young leaders in the district but nothing joining them together, the idea behind this senior section is to get as many of them as possible to attend meetings but also to invite the those who can’t attend regularly on outings and camps to let them have some peer Guiding time.

The plan is to meet once a month, on a Saturday or Sunday, for 5 hours, roughly equivalent to meeting once a week for an hour and a half, once you get set up and going. By having it all at once, it should be easier for those who have a lot of homework and exams looming. They have also expressed an interest in having meetings during the summer holidays. It doesn’t make a difference to me, since I have to work anyway!

Our first meeting was on Saturday and we had two girls attending but another 5 on the books who couldn’t make the first meeting, which is more than enough to get started with.

The five hours went in pretty quickly and the 3 of us had a lot of fun. We started off by discussing the program and the awards available, starting to generate some ideas for meetings. Then moved onto baking cookies, I wasn’t completely sure about the facilities or what the level of their baking experience would be so I went for a mix which just needed butter and water added to it. I’m glad we started small, it took them an hour to make the two packets and they did forget to switch on the oven! It was fun though and tasty.

Next we played the card game “In a Bind”, a bit like twister but with cards instead of the mat. It was hilarious, very enjoyable and got everyone laughing and chatting.

Our last activity of the day was collages. The idea was mood boards or inspiration but it really turned into “Things we liked the look of”. I had collected all of the junk mail which had come through my door, there was a lot of funeral homes and life insurance leaflets, this entertained the Senior Section a lot.

All in all, a really good day and I think we are off to a good start!

Craft Badge – Fimo Charms

This week was our last Craft Badge Activity and we made charms from fimo clay. We used the bake in the oven kind, it takes about 30 mins to bake properly. We also had four Brownies who will be moving up next term visit with us for the first half hour.

Celtic, Merida and Mulan spent the first part of the meeting cutting up the fimo into small blocks so the Guides could choose four different colours each. The Brownies got to chose first so they would have time to make something.

While they were setting that up, Windsor and I ran a game, no idea what it is called but they wander around the room, you call out a number and an animal and they have to get into a group of that number and make the animal shape. Much laughter was heard and my favourite was the centipede!

The Guides then settled in natural groupings and chatted while making their charms. Trinity asked me to sit with our eldest grouping and have a chat. Two of them are fourteen and are moving onto my new Senior Section (More about this in the next post), but the other three have 6-12 months to go and are struggling with the very young 10 year olds in the unit. We have suggested them having their own senior patrol next term and it was really well received. They don’t want to do anything different from the rest of the unit, they just want to be able to do it in peace.

The charms were adorable, little penguins, beads, door number from Sherlock etc. The Guides liked the activity and it gave them a chance to gossip.


We finished up with a game of Rats and Rabbits and Wink Murder.