Hello, my name is Alex. I’m 25 years old and a Girl Guide Leader. At the age of 9 I joined a Brownie pack, absolutely loved it and then moved up to Guides when I was 10. Guides was an amazing time in my life and I was very sad when I had to leave at 14. At the time, there was no Senior Section in my area so I fell out of Guiding until I was 23, when I came back to help as an adult.

I used to run a Girl Guide Unit in Northern Ireland and have moved to be an Assistant Leader at a unit in Anglia and opened a District Senior Section. For various reasons have decided to start a blog about my experiences. The Senior Section (Section above Guides), runs up to the age of 26, with members being a mix of people who attend Senior Section meetings, are young leaders, doing their Duke Of Edinburgh and Leaders. However you are still eligible to gain Senior Section awards up to your 26th birthday. Therefore I’ve decided to try and gain a few, before it’s too late! This blog is for part of the Look Wider scheme, Phase 3 of Personal Values. But I will explain more as we go along…

The views expressed on this blog are those of the author, and not (unless explicitly stated) those of Girlguiding or any other organisation.  All names (Including that of the author) have been changed and no pictures of faces will appear.


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