Burning Promise

Our May Senior Section meeting was busy.

They had requested to hire the pyrography pens so that they could spend a bit of time decorating some wood. Since there are so few of them and so much time, they reckoned they could do some really nice work and my young leaders had had a taster with the Guides.

My mentor was coming to do a unit visit and I decided that it wasn’t a great idea for my attention to be elsewhere when the Senior Section were using hot things. I asked Timber to come and give a hand so that someone could keep their eye on them. Turns out Timber is really artistic and an absolute treasure trove of ideas and materials and a lovely person as well.

I think one of the things that I really enjoy about Guiding as an adult is that there is no age divide. I’m 25 but Guide with people who are older than that and its never an issue, we have great conversations and go out for dinner together etc.

Overhand had come to visit because the International Opportunities weekend was coming up and we were trying to persuade the Senior Section to go for it. We were both super excited about our trip to Iceland for the World Scout Moot coming up in the summer (There is going to be a blog post, or maybe a few) and wanted to get them interested. We did convince Merida to go for selection and she is now heading to Spain next year. I was really proud.

We moved on to some promise activities. I had some exercises on making your own decisions and being true to yourself. We had a discussion about what the promise meant to everyone and made some good turn promise beads, which gave us lots of time to chat.

My mentor, Crown and the Peer Education Coordinator came to visit and I discovered they were both Trainers. I had a chat with them about being a prospective and came out with Crown as my Tutor, so definitely a success! I can get started on training now 🙂 ( I also went to the trainers conference, very informative, met up with the Ulster lot and made some new friends from Anglia).



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