Up, Up and Away

Apologies for not blogging in so long. On the positive side, its because life has been going really well, I’ve been busy with friends and Guiding and am really glad I moved over here.

Our Campfire got cancelled, as the heavens opened and it chucked it down. We are Guides, we could totally run a campfire in the rain but no one would be happy and would never want another campfire. So that week got cancelled and instead us leaders had a lovely night in at Celtic’s house and she made us dinner.

The following week I had flown home to surprise my mother for her 50th (It went really well) and Timber and Windsor ran a PJ party with popcorn and hot chocolate, they watched the old version of Beauty and the Beast and had a great time.

Next meeting was a trip to Clip and Climb. This was with the Guides and the Senior Section, fulfilling my requirement for my Senior Section ALQ to join with another unit for an activity.

Fantastic evening, the set up in there was pretty good, we had exclusive use of the place, and there were enough walls and staff that all of them could be climbing at once.

2017-06-08 19.33.57.jpg

I think we will be returning to Clip and Climb, it was a request from all of our Guides to do so!


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