Self Defence

I’m a qualified Tae Kwon Do Instructor and offered to run a self defence class for our Guides as part of the Anglia Outdoor Challenge Badge, and we actually ran the class outside since it has been so warm!

I think self defence is very important and it isn’t about being able to beat people up. It’s all about knowing how to keep yourself safe, and if you get into a situation, how to get out of it quickly and with the least amount of damage.

The Guides were suffering from end of term-itis and it was difficult to keep them on track but my fellow leaders were good at keeping them from hurting one another. When I ran this class for Guide Units back home, I had people from my Tae Kwon Do club to help, but over here I don’t have that.

We discussed the 3 steps to self defence:

  1. Run away if possible
  2. Find a weapon
  3. Prepare to fight

We talked about target areas and what can be used as a weapon, all prefaced with not being allowed to use this in any situations other than self defence, no hurting siblings.

Then moved on to teaching them release moves and how to walk with confidence. Explaining how to not get into dangerous situations and also to not be scared of the world.

I’ve offered sessions to the other units in my county, I think it’s an important skill to pass on and it’s also a way for me to meet other Leaders.

I also managed to socialise at the County Awards dinner a few weeks ago and really enjoyed myself. It was a lovely evening out.


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