In With The New

GirlGuiding is going through a really exciting time at the moment, the entire program is being revamped and I’m really excited about it. They are trying to make sure that new leaders have plenty of support but allow the experienced leaders to continue to provide good guiding.

The whole structure is changing but there will still be badges and top awards for each section. At the moment they are asking for badge ideas and help with testing meeting activities.

Our unit signed up to help and received an activity. Our Guides really enjoyed the process of testing and got really into giving feedback and trying to make the activity as good as it could possibly be.

It was all about making choices and how you don’t have to be influenced by what your friends chose.

They spent most of the time drawing the choices grid and their main complaint was that once they had done that, the rest of it hardly took any time at all.

They did really like the responsibility and took the time to rewrite the instructions so they were more clear.

I then asked them to come up with some #badgegoals. That was interesting, our Caterpillar patrol are our three oldest Guides, they decided they wanted to do badges on Makeup, Shopping Awareness, Eyebrow Plucking and Sumo Wrestling… one of those is not like the others.

However a good thing did come out of that. I was chatting to a friend who can actually do makeup and she has offered to come and do a session with the Caterpillars. Both her and the Caterpillars are really looking forward to that one!


One thought on “In With The New

  1. We’ve been talking about doing make-up with the Guides too – it’s a life skill, and part of looking after yourself/being a responsible consumer/trying new things. I hope it goes well!


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