Harry Potter Night (Again)

Isn’t life great when your new unit wants a Harry Potter night 🙂

And even better when you can get your young leaders to plan and run the evening for you!

Everyone dressed up and I was impressed at the level of effort, all the leaders went for it and we all had a bit of a laugh. Celtic made an excellent Professor McGonagall!

I was in charge of the sorting hat, the young leaders were out in the corridor with an envelope full of house names, a walkie talkie and the sorting hat recordings for each of the houses. I had a sorting hat (in this case, it was a baseball cap cause we couldn’t get hold of a witch’s hat, and the other walkie talkie. It was very entertaining but our unit really don’t work well when they are mixed up, that worries me a little.

Merida ran the first activity, each house was given an envelope containing sheets with creature parts written on them. Each member had to draw one or two things without looking at anyone elses, then cut them out and put them together. They had to name and come up with a backstory about their creature. It was very entertaining.

Next we moved onto Mulan’s part of the evening, she had put together a capture the flag game with Harry Potter Trivia. I had to make up an extra person and ran about in my cloak quite happily.

Our Unit helper Windsor brought along the ingredients to make butterbeer, they all enjoyed the process but it tasted gross apparently. So she also brought green lemonade for potions.

All in all, a lovely and well run night.


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