Tesco’s Farm to Fork

It’s the little things that get Guides excited, like my last unit going Christmas shopping. They requested to go to Tescos and mostly they were excited about getting to do shopping and put stuff through the till.

We arrived at Tescos to be greeting by two employees who were going to be looking after us and they did a brilliant job. They engaged with the Guides really well and kept them entertained.

We had two activities for the evening, the first was a tour of the bakery and the second looking at the price of Fresh, Tinned and Frozen fruit and veg.

We split in half and my group started with the bakery. The baker was excellent, he showed them how to make bread in the huge mixer, how the sifting and cutting machines worked and let them have a go at shaping the dough into buns and plaits. We got to see the huge proving oven and the cooking and steaming ovens. The Guides were engaged and interested and then we all got to taste a selection of breads and cookies. They were very happy and full of sugar.

Next we headed off to the fruit and veg section and they went off with their clipboards to find the price per kg of fresh, frozen and tinned, raspberries, peas and peppers. It was an interesting activity for them and they really enjoyed running around the store. I hope we didn’t annoy to many shoppers but I think they did pretty well.

The final activity Trinity had put together, she gave each patrol a chicken dinner list, one patrol had Tesco Everyday, one had finest, organic and the last had ready made. They ran around to find the prices and then compared them against one another.

We had one enrolment to hold that evening and the Guide decided to make her promise in the Fruit and Veg Section. I like that this unit is happy for us to have enrolments outside of the meeting place!

All in all, an excellent evening and I picked up my week’s shopping afterwards 🙂

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