Dragon’s Den

Celtic set up a Dragon’s Den activity for the Guides. It was something they had done 4 years previously, the aim was to get them to design something that could be sold to raise funds for the unit. Last time, one patrol designed an adorable whale pencil holder which Celtic got printed up and the Guides put them together and sold them. If anyone had come up with something good, the plan had been to repeat this. Sadly, they had good ideas but not really easily sell-able.

They were given a brief, what materials were available, an explanation of copyright and some costings. They had a meeting and a half to come up with an idea, do the costings and a presentation. The last half meeting was each patrol giving their presentation to the “Dragons”, Celtic, Windsor, Merida and I. The Guides decided that Merida was a Baby Dragon.

One patrol came up with patrol keyrings, they made adorable prototypes from cardboard and keyring loops. The bumblebee was particularly cute 🙂 They worked together well and came up with a really good presentation.

Another patrol decided on animal clocks. Once again they did a really good job making lovely prototypes and coming up with a slogan and selling strategy. Their downfall was their costing, the clocks were far two expensive to make a decent profit.

The Snack Box was a more creative but less practical idea. They got a drinks bottle and attached a tinfoil takeaway container with a hole in the centre to the top. They fed a straw through the hole, with the idea that you could fill the tinfoil dish with snacks and be able to just hold the drinks bottle and still eat and drink easily. It wasn’t particularly stable or reusable but they basic idea was great.

The final group made tanning suncream. Apparently when you have to put on suncream it makes you look white and this is not desirable. Essentially they mixed suncream and foundation into different shades. We tried to explain that mixing two safe substances together doesn’t always result in a safe mixture and that cosmetic products have to go through an extensive testing process. They ignored all of this and designed it anyway. Then exploded suncream and foundation everywhere!

All in all, a pretty good STEM activity to get them thinking about design and costs.

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