A New Term

At the end of last term we asked the Guides what they wanted to do this term. We didn’t really get many sensible answers but we tried to put together as much as possible but we aren’t going to go to Cadbury World.

We had a planning night at Celtic’s house and it was nice to work with a leadership team, the nights got shared out and  I’m only planning 2 nights out of 10! The lack of stress is pretty amazing.

I ran the first night back. We were going over the Unit Guidelines and then I volunteered to run some games. I reused my puzzle night idea but made it a bit more organised.

I was pretty impressed with the unit guidelines and how the Guides dealt with them. They had a set they have honed over the last few years and unlike my previous unit, there was no arguing over having to wear uniform.

Then Merida and I ran the puzzles. The Guides worked in their patrols with varying degrees of success. The Bumblebees are our youngest patrol and they were very enthusiastic, whereas some of our other patrols have older Guides who are starting to get a bit restless.

I wrote all of the puzzles onto envelopes and had them all set out with any equipment needed and it was really easy to grab them and share them between patrols.

2017-01-15 22.08.53.jpg

Each envelope describes the activity, equipment needed and instructions.

The Guides enjoyed the evening and it was nice to get settled in to the new unit 🙂

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