Mascot Bear

My Camp Blanket used to hold my pin badges as well as my fabric ones, but it was a bit awkward for use at camp as an actual blanket. So I decided to invest in a mascot bear with a camp poncho for my pin badges. Turns out that there are lovely people on the internet who will make a leader uniform and camp blanket! Celtic offered me a spare bear but she turned out to be too small and I ended up buying a Build a Bear instead.


The Guides have decided to name her Coco and she comes to Guides every week. The Bumblebees love her and normally end up with her in their patrol circle.

However, spare bear was still going spare so we decided to make her into a Rainbow Bear and gift her to the Rainbow Leader Mrs Whiskers. So I had a friend help me cut out a pattern and I sewed up a little red hoodie out of felt and added a rainbow badge to the back. Mrs Whiskers seemed really pleased 🙂


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