Happy World Thinking Day!

Hello Everyone, I hope you have had an amazing Thinking Day! Since I finally have a formal shirt, I wore it to work with my Promise badge and I also painted my nails to have Trefoils on.

Tonight the plan was to have an evening out of the meeting place in a local orchard and plant some daffodils for the Thinking Day theme of Grow. Sadly Storm Doris made things a bit more complicated. Branches had been falling all day and we didn’t deem it safe to go wandering around. So a small delegation went to plant the bulbs with Trinity and Windsor and the rest of us stayed in the hall and played Guiding Top Trumps.

It was written by Quoll who is at Pax Lodge this year as a volunteer and my Guides loved it! They have however decided they never want shirts or tunics as uniform.

We played a couple of games of Stalking in the dark with a torch until the planting delegation came back. Lots of running around screaming!

I had written a Thinking Day scavenger hunt, the plan was to have the answers hung on trees with Glow Sticks in the plastic pockets and send the Guides out with the question sheet and torches. We ended up running the hunt in the hall instead. They had a brilliant time and learnt some things about Guiding.


Afterwards, they each got one of the Glow Sticks and put it on their right wrist and made the promise sign. It was our way of bringing the Guiding Light to our meeting. I did take a picture but sadly my phone decided to shut down and didn’t take the picture!2017-02-23-21-15-49

This is making me making the promise sign with a Glow stick on my wrist.

We finished the evening in the dark with the Glow Sticks singing Taps.

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