My New Unit and Me

I’ve moved to Cambridge East in Anglia Region and joined up with a unit in the village I’m living in. I joined them just before Christmas and the leadership team, Trinity, Celtic and Windsor have been so welcoming and they are so competent! And just after Christmas we have had a young leader, Merida move up from Guides. Merida has been so helpful! I’m still learning everyone’s names and she makes sure that I don’t feel too out of my depth.

The first week Celtic was running an adorable craft. it was coins of wood painted to look like robins and penguins with hooks in the top to hang them from a stick with wool. All of the Guides were sitting at a long table and I wandered around helping and chatting to them, it was actually a really good way to get to know them.

Screwing the hooks into the wood turned out to be really difficult and took a lot more time than expected so keep that in mind if you ever want to do similar.

The next week was run by Trinity and her mother, who was lovely. The Guides decorated chocolate swiss rolls with homemade chocolate frosting. They were so hyper after eating all the sugar.

Our final meeting before Christmas was a leaving party for Brown Owl, the Brownies, Guides and Leaders headed out to a local Italian restaurant owned by one of our Guide parents. They did a fantastic job feeding 60 of us in under an hour. They brought out plates of pizza and pasta and everyone served themselves, some of the youngest Brownies needed a bit of help but everyone got plenty. They even coped with the little Brownie who would only eat plain pasta.

We had some Guides make their Promise and finished the evening singing “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”, much to the entertainment of the other patrons.

I also managed to attend a district meeting and meet some other leaders. I did discover there is no Senior Section unit in the District though. I’m thinking I might do something about it.