Patrol Night Roses and Leaving

It was my last night at my Guide Unit in Northern Ireland as I have moved to England to Anglia. This night was being ran by the Roses, they asked to move their evening up so I could see it. We had been chatting and I had hoped that I had convinced them to run a badge that evening, either the confectioners or agility badge, but it appears that my powers of persuasion were sadly lacking and they had a bit of a mixture evening instead.

There was cupcake decorating, again and they took a group in at a time, they seemed to enjoy that, lots of sweets to eat. They tried to set up a stalking game with tables on their sides and someone sitting in the dark on a chair with a torch and a set of keys in front of them. The aim was for people to creep forward quietly and grab the keys without the person on the chair turning the light on them. Turns out our hall is nowhere near dark enjoy for this to happen, however it still entertained them for at least half an hour.

We did have to stop them at the start of the game though, they had set the tables up in such a way that the guides would be moving straight into the table legs!

I worked out that I was supposed to stay out of the kitchen that evening. The Guides and Rangers decorated a cake and some biscuits for me. They had also got me a mug, picture frame, stress bear and friendship badge to say thank you. In turn I gave each of them a UK contingent moot fundraising badge as a gift.

I even got a card from my DC, Clove, thanking me for my contribution to my unit and the district which really cheered me up.


Daisy Patrol Night and Senior Section

When I arrived down, our Senior Section Leader, Sheetbend was looking for a bit of help running an activity and since the Daisies were running Guides that evening, Barrel was happy for me to go upstairs and help her.

TSS were working on understanding their promise. The first activity was to see how they were true to themselves and their beliefs. Everyone stood in a line down the centre of the room, Sheetbend had a list of questions with two answers, if they preferred the first answer they had to step left and right if they preferred the second one. The questions ranged between, “Do you prefer to live in the country or the city?” to “Do you prefer to watch TV or read a book?” and other similar things. At the end of the exercise, everyone was spread out all over the room, including one ranger who had had to go out the door! It was about the importance of doing what you want and desire and not just following your peers.

The next was an exercise to build leadership skills, the Rangers got into pairs, each pair had 10 labelled plastic cups and a blindfold. One Ranger got blindfolded, the other spread out the cups and then standing in one position had to use their voice to direct their partner to pick up all of the cups, sit down and arrange them into a pyramid, setting the final cup up so the blindfolded person could pour water into it. It was interesting to watch them get frustrated and then finally succeed. We did have a bit of water poured onto the floor though!

They had done so well and enjoyed the activities so much that it was decided they should run them with the Guides in a week or so, writing their own list of questions.

After all that I headed down to check out what the Daisies had got up to. They had decided to run an 80’s night and one of them had written a quiz and looked up some 80’s games, there was also cupcake decorating. By the time I arrived, it had descended into a bit of a shambles, half of them were braiding hair (That may have been a planned activity, I’m not sure), and the other half had just discovered the parachute and were having a great time.

Turns out the parachute is fun for all ages, they played lots of different games and the Senior Section got super excited about joining in.

2016-11-22 20.03.33.jpg