Spicing up the program

This is an amazing idea. I really want to do this with my Guides!


At a recent unit meeting, we tapped into our Guides’ creativity by having them design and market their own potato chip flavours. I made a trip to the store to buy all the spices and flavourings and went a little crazy. Savoury and sweet spices, spice mixes like tandoori and teriyaki, soup and gravy mixes, even cocoa, sugars and chai tea. It took 15 minutes at the check-out, but the cashier was a former girl member, and as we spoke about the sorts of things we’d been doing with the girls, she requested information on how she could get involved as an adult. Yay!  (Bonus:nov15_girlchipad the bill was only $9!)

The girls were given sandwich-size zip-top bags half-filled with lightly salted potato chips. In patrols, they were called into the kitchen and given the opportunity to place small amounts of spices into their bags. They were given only two rules…

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Monopoly Promise Wide Game

I wanted to bring the excitement of my weekend of London Monopoly back to my Guide Unit and came up with a wide game relating to the promise and the motto.

I was talking to Reed and Bowline about my idea and Reed suggested using QR codes. I don’t know about other Guide units but mine really love it when they get to use their phones for something so this really hit the brief for them.

I put together location sheets with a different Monopoly place or counter on each one, along with a generated QR code. Each QR code links with a word or letter.


I hid the location sheets around our hall, it would have worked really well outside but it was chucking it down last night so that idea was out the window. I was sneaky and hid them under curtains and behind doors.

The Guides set off and had to find each sheet and scan the code with a QR code reader app and write the answer on a sheet. They had a lot of fun! It got very competitive but if we ever did it again, I think smaller groups would be better, some of them got a bit bored if they didn’t have the sheet or the phone.


This was the answer sheet I put together. After they found all the words and letters, they had to figure out the answers. They recognised the words of the Promise and managed to put that together. The remaining letters rearrange to form the motto “Be Prepared”, that took them a little longer but they had fun trying it.

I tried giving them the cryptic Ungerground Station clues but I think they were a bit too difficult so we gave up on that and moved on to teaching  the new Guides Captainball instead. Some of them are looking pretty good for getting onto the team.

They enjoyed the evening and I’d recommend the game to other Guide and Senior Section units if they are working on the promise. Its also a good time to talk about Pax Lodge since its in London.

Here are the resources if you wish to use them!





For homework – ask the Guides to download a QR Code Reader to their phone

Print “Location Sheets” then stick them up separately in the desired playing area, indoors or out – as obvious or hidden as you’d like

Explain how to scan a QR code and hand out an “Answer Sheet” and pen to each group – works better with small groups

Send them off to find the location sheets and scan the QR code on each one

Each QR code will give them a word or letter which they should write into their answer sheet

Once they have found them all they need to decode to find the answer

They should recognise the words of the promise and be able to write that out

The remaining letters can then be arranged to form the motto, “Be Prepared”