Designing, Dancing and Dallying

This week the Poppies redesigned chocolate bars, mostly it seems like they want to change the taste of dark chocolate. But they had some pretty drawings and they are really bonding as a patrol which is nice to see. After they completed the activity, they started planning for the Patrol Run Night next week. Each patrol takes it in turns to run a night and they get to be fully in charge. I’m super excited about the poppies plan, they are all big Harry Potter fans and their night will revolve around this.

Daisies learnt how to Hula Dance with grass skirts and everything and by the end of the evening gave us a show and they looked very graceful.


The Roses were down a couple of members who were supposed to bring essential ingredients for their bath bombs. They did not cope with this very well and dilly dallied and didn’t really achieve much. They managed a whisper game from the pack though and planned for the next week of GFIs.

On Monday night I’m shadowing a training session for the first time, I’m really excited about making this step towards being a prospective trainer. I’ll be shadowing Brownie Programme Training, hopefully I’ll learn a lot myself.

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