Baby Guides and GFI’s

I’m really loving our group of Guides this year. The older ones who were struggling to stay interested have moved up to Senior Section and are starting to flourish there and we have 7 new Guides, 5 of whom were Brownies and are full of joy and interest.

We got them to plan their first week of GFI’s and this week they carried them out.

Our eldest patrol, the Daisies, are doing the Party GFI and this week made orange whips. They scooped out the flesh of oranges, mushed it up with jelly and condensed milk, then placed it back into the oranges and left it to set. Apparently it was disgusting and they will never make them again!

The middle patrol, The Roses, are doing the Five Senses GFI. They were smelling, touching and tasting different kinds of fruit. They really pushed themselves to try new fruits, one did ask if it was okay to eat pomegranate seeds though! Overall, they liked the pomegranate, passion fruit and the more regular fruits, but they disliked the figs.

The young patrol, our baby Poppies, are brand new to planning and doing GFI’s, they are doing the Chocolate GFI (not surprising!) and decided to make chocolate chip cookies. One of them came up to me and said she forgot to bring the eggs. My reply was, “Well, it’s going to be difficult to make cookies without them isn’t it? Your patrol is going to have to find something else to do aren’t you?”

Of course, I was going to relent and send them over to the shop, but I wanted them to remember that I wasn’t always going to be able to solve their problems. I let them stew for a while and then let them go to the garage for eggs. In the meantime, the Guide’s mother showed up with two eggs, very apologetic. I calmed her down and told her that, it was her daughter’s responsibility, not hers and that next time, don’t bother coming down if her daughter forgot to bring something. It was amazing, the mum turned around and was like “You are totally right!”

Teaching the Guides to take responsibility and be prepared is important and having parents on board with this helps.

I think this was the first time the Poppies had ever been left to their own devices in a kitchen. It was such a hilarious disaster! They put in two eggs, instead of one, and added more flour and the cookies tasted gross. So they fed them to the rest of the Guides.

After watching them cook and eat all evening and looking at their plans for next week, I decreed that no group was allowed to cook next week. They were all completed shocked and dismayed, so next week will be fun.

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