Selfie’s and Planning

I’m sure it isn’t just our Guides who think they can’t live without their phones. We ask them to leave mobiles to the side at the start of Guides and you’d think we were asking them to remove limbs.

After one too many requests I decided to plan a meeting around mobiles and the internet and very handily, 280th Liverpool Rangers have a #Selfie Challenge Badge

There are 3 main types of badge that a Guide can earn. Interest Badges are generally earned by individuals about a subject they are interested in. GFI’s (Go For Its) are earned by a patrol working together on a theme. Both of these badges are written and provided by GirlGuiding UK, however Guiding Groups and individuals are allowed to design Challenge Badges around a theme and use them as fundraising packs.

We started the evening with a scavenger hunt around the meeting place, instead of finding items, they had to take pictures of them, preferably with one of them in as a selfie. We gave them the words GUIDE, BROWNIE and RAINBOW and they had to find items which spelt out the words. They ran around so happily taking selfies and really enjoyed themselves.

Then they made pasta selfies on cardboard with glue and different pasta shapes. they enjoyed getting back to their childhood and making a lot of mess.

While they were making their pasta selfies, we had a discussion around the table about internet selfies and safety. It was interesting to see what they thought about selfie fads and how much they knew about keeping themselves safe.

Finally we asked them to make and print a disguised selfie for the following week and had great fun trying to guess who was who.

Halter and I had been so new this year and every thing had been a bit haphazard, so we decided to have a sit down with the Guides and ask them how they wanted things to be run in the next year.

  1. Do you want your patrols to change? If so, how? How many patrols do you want?
  1. How do you want to decide on Patrol Leaders/Seconders?
  1. Do you still want to run a night as a patrol? Plan evening, discuss with leaders and then run the whole night from start to finish.
  1. How do you want the meetings to start and end?
  1. We need Guidelines for the unit – relating to behaviour, mobile phones, uniform, expectations, attendance – have a go at writing some
  1. Do you still want to do the reward chart? What should you be able to get stickers for – write a list. And what sort of prize should the winning patrol get at the end of the year?
  1. What would you like to do around Christmas? Do you want to go shopping again or maybe do some other activity?
  1. If the church is doing the Christmas tree decorating again, do we want to join? What would you like to do for it if yes?
  1. Do you want to have more time as a patrol? We should be doing 2 GFI’s completely as patrols but would you like 20 mins each week (or most weeks) to do stuff as a patrol such as games, knot/sewing ribbons at the start of the meeting.

and many other questions along those lines. It was good to get the feedback from them and they made a lot of suggestions. Surprisingly they didn’t want to chose their own PL and PS’s as they thought it would turn into a popularity contest. Its something I check with them regularly but since we are girl lead, its important to listen to them.

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