Newspaper and The Flicks

Coming up to the end of the year and we wanted a filler evening that wouldn’t cost us too much and we decided to challenge our Guides to a creative evening with newspaper. We had a blast!

They started with a cut up sheet of newspaper as a jigsaw and challenged them to put it back together, they worked as a team and achieved the goal.

We moved onto a logic and teamwork puzzle, they were divided into teams and given half the number of sheets of paper as team members and told that the paper was the only thing that was allowed to touch the floor. They had to get from one end of the hall to the other. I thought this would be interesting and work well but I forgot to specify that they weren’t allowed to rip the paper!

Newspaper flew everywhere, they all had little newspaper shoes and slid themselves down the hall. It was funny though!

Next we asked them to build a self standing tower, the tallest would win. They worked very hard at this one and competed a lot.2015-06-09 19.40.46 - Copy

We then played a game were they had to try and steal a set of keys from under the chair of a blind folded person who had a rolled up newspaper to hit thieves with. Everyone had a go and got to hit and be hit with the newspaper.

The next challenge was to build something to do with Guiding. Some groups made little camp sites and others made giant trefoils but they all had fun.

2015-06-09 20.10.02

We ended with a newspaper snowball war and then presented badges and the patrol prize, which went to the Poppies.

Our final meeting of the year was a trip to the cinema to see Pitch Perfect 2. It was a very entertaining evening and all of our Guides turned up and I was so happy to see them all.

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