First Aid and Valentines

As a leadership team we chose to do the First Aid badge. First Aid is always useful and a good traditional Guiding skill. We were lucky to be able to get in touch with St John’s Ambulance and have a volunteer come to us for two weeks and teach us all the skills the Guides need.

To be honest I think some of our Guides struggled with this badge, not that they couldn’t understand and learn but that they found the material hard to concentrate on and the guy delivering it was a bit shy and awkward. I think if I were to do this in the future I would make it more interactive and fun.

We asked the Guides what they wanted to do for Valentine’s and they asked if they could bake. I left this one up to Halter and she decided they could make Shortbread, and Barrel also suggested a Valentine’s craft while it was baking.

Halter was really prepared and had the recipe printed out, we had scales and baking equipment and each patrol was tasked with following the recipe, with various levels of success. Halter hadn’t left the butter out for long enough, and it was still rather hard, this lead to some creativity amongst the Guides. Lots of them were stabbing at it, one patrol softened theirs in the microwave and another patrol managed to melt theirs completely. I explained the chemistry behind baking at that point but they bulled on ahead regardless.

We put them in the oven to bake, tidied up and then set about making adorable heart shaped bags to put the shortbread into. That wasn’t too difficult for them and gave them a bit of a rest.

I was sent in to check the shortbread and it was a disaster! Half of them seemed to have melted and spread across the baking tray. However, the great thing about Guides is, they will eat them anyway!


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