Brownie Meeting

When I was a Brownie, I was invited to visit the Guide pack at the end of my final year, it was a chance to meet the leaders and talk to some of the Guides, to make moving up a little less daunting.

I decided to bring the tradition to this Guide pack and got the Guides to draw up lovely individual invitations and invite the Brownies to a Bake Off Evening.

2015-05-12 20.37.04

Only 2 came to visit us and were adopted into our patrols. Each patrol was given a swiss roll, a flan and 5 cupcakes. They were given a selection of sprinkles and icing and then had a chance to chose some other ingredients.

There were 3 choices to be made, and 3 patrols, so each patrol got to chose 1st once.

  • The first bag contained cream, jelly or jam.
  • The second bag contained fresh fruits
  • And the third canned fruits

So the teams had to chose carefully to get the best use of the ingredients.

They worked well together and produced some lovely creations. We had two judges, the mother of one of our leaders, a keen baker, and our church youth worker. They judged well and the prizes were awarded accordingly. The Brownies really enjoyed themselves.2015-06-02 20.07.20.jpg

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