Take Your Toothbrush GFI

We needed to do another GFI to ensure that all of our Guides had a chance to achieve their Challenge Badge for the year and we were also going to be heading off to camp soon. None of our Guides had been camping before and we were starting to get anxious that we would arrive at camp and it would be a disaster. The Take Your Toothbrush GFI allowed us to run some activities that got the Guides more familiar with some camping skills.

We started by making gadgets from cake pop sticks and string. This wasn’t something I had ever done as a guide, I’d never even really learnt how to tie knots, but I’d developed an interest as an adult and find knot tying relaxing. I reckoned it wouldn’t be too hard to teach the Guides and sure I had 3 other Guide Leaders to help. Well it really didn’t turn out that way!

None of the other leaders had any clue how to even do a clove hitch knot. I had printed lots of instructions and ideas for what the Guides could make and they had a good try but struggled with the knots. I ended up running from table to table, some of the Guides were very interested though, one even took some supplies home to finish their creations!

Even more exciting for me, when we arrived at camp, within a few minutes of having the tents up, I had a few Guides crowded around me, asking if I had brought string for them to make a gadget bin. They did ask me where to find sticks, whereby I pointed to the woods!

2015-06-27 09.03.34

It proudly stood outside their tent all weekend.

We had a competition to see which patrol could put up a tent the fastest, although we had to put them up inside since the heavens had opened. Obviously the Guides need to know how to put up tents in the rain but I did not want to have to dry out 3 tents!

The following week we moved onto cooking skills. We asked the Guides to come up with some camp recipes and meal plans and then taught them how to cook on trangias. None of them had ever experienced one before and we decided to cook sausages and then have s’mores. It went down very well, nothing went on fire that wasn’t supposed to be on fire but none of them enjoyed having to scrub the pans at the end!

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