My Journey – Buddy Burner

For Phase 2 of the Outdoors octant, I decided to try my hand at cooking outdoors. I’ve cooked on an open fire, a flatstone, a bbq and tried cooking a banana in a juice carton. Tonight I tried to finish the phase by cooking on a buddy burner.

Making the burner went pretty well actually, I managed to melt the wax in a container over a saucepan of boiling water and poured it over the cardboard in the tin and let it cool. I thought everything was going brilliantly.


Next step was to make the cover can. I brought the tin into work to use the tin snips in there and I ended up having to get one of my colleagues to help, as I wasn’t strong enough to cut through the lip. We got the door cut in and the holes on the other side of the can and I thought everything was going well.


However when I tried to light it, the match kept blowing out, as you can see from my little pile behind the can. Eventually got it lit and was happy, put the cover over it and discovered the door wasn’t big enough to let enough air in to keep it lit!

I tried to prop the can up with matchsticks but unfortunately it wasn’t enough.

So I made pancakes indoors instead. They did contain some grass.

2016-08-16 19.19.15

I will bring the can back into work tomorrow and cut a bigger hole in it and see if that helps!

One thought on “My Journey – Buddy Burner

  1. What you can do is use it ‘open’ – get some long flat-headed nails and insert them into the wax around the rim – 3 or 4 can be used – to create a stand for a small saucepan (or a second tin can) on top, turning it into a portable mini stove.

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