Thinking Day 2015

Thinking Day is celebrated by Guides and Scouts all over the world on the 22nd February. It is the Birthday of both the founder Robert Baden-Powell and his wife Olave, who along with his sister, Agnes, set up Scouting and Guiding. It is a day to think about Guides and Scouts everywhere and some groups will raise money for the Thinking Day fund to fund Guiding in countries where money is tight.

When doing research for Guide meetings I discovered WAGGGS, the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts. It disturbs me quite a bit that I had never heard of it before, you think, it might have come up when I was a Guide myself.

However I’ve now really got interested and done lots of research into WAGGGS and learnt about the 5 world centres and the promises of other countries. WAGGGS also put out a Thinking Day activity pack each year and a badge which can be earned. I thought that was an excellent way to introduce my Guides to WAGGGS.

The 2015 pack,, was a board game, with activities and questions about Guiding and WAGGGS.

Our Guides divided into two teams, we were light on the ground that evening, with only 6 Guides, as there was a disco at one of the local schools. Their Guiding knowledge left a lot to be desired but it was a good opportunity to teach them and introduce them to the 5 world centres.

They made a pyramid from their bodies, represented the concepts of poverty and motherhood with their bodies and everyone got involved and interested.

I think it will continue to be a good resource for teaching Guides, even if 2015 has passed.

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