Fitness GFI and Captainball

In my first year as a leader, we did our GFI’s as a unit. I know that this is not the purpose of a GFI, but Halter and I were so new to all of this and so were our Guides. Only 5 of our Guides were returning Guides and only half of the remaining ones had been Brownies. They had very little experience of planning and making decisions so we started slow.

So we decided to do the Fitness GFI and get the girls interested in exercise and healthy eating.

Other than work and Guiding, my other interest in life is Tae Kwon Do, I’ve been training for 11 years and last year achieved my 2nd Dan Black Belt. I’m also an instructor, teaching our Dragon’s class, ages 4 – 7 years old. So to kick off the GFI, I decided to teach the Guides self defense. I managed to persuade some of my colleagues to come along to help, as 20 newbies is a lot for one person.

We wore our black instructors suits and I tried to look intimidating! Discipline in TKD and Guiding is slightly different. Guiding with teenagers is more about persuasion than giving orders, but teaching them something like this is dangerous. So they were all warned at the beginning that they would been given press ups if they messed around, and if they did it more than once, then they would be made to sit out completely. I wasn’t willing to take the risk that one of them might get hurt.

However no one had to sit out and they all enjoyed themselves. I think they learnt a lot.

2015-01-27 19.40.32

Halter and I had great fun planning the next activity. We went to the supermarket and bought 20 different fruits, some everyday and lots of exotic choices. Each one was placed on a plate in the kitchen and the patrols were challenged to name as many of them as possible. They did pretty well between them, one patrol only missed the Sharon fruit.

After naming we got onto tasting. Once again, we gave them free rein with the knives and soon we had 20 plates of chopped up fruit. They all jumped in and were really keen to taste things they’ve never tried before. One had never had kiwi, she tried it, and disliked it, but at least she tried. One of our D0E helpers refused to try any of it, apparently she doesn’t like fruit *headdesk*

We then asked them to plan some healthy meals and draw them on paper plates. We discussed sweet things in moderation and lots of fruit and veg.

Our final activity was to teach the Guides Captainball as so many of them had never played. It turns out that Captainball is mostly a Northern Irish and Irish Guiding thing these days. I remember playing it as a Guide myself, I was in both our U14’s and U16’s teams, initially as Goal Defense and later as Centre. I showed my Guides a picture of me from the newspaper at age 12 and I think I managed to gain some respect from them for being a competitive Centre.

We have yearly competitions at district, county and country level and have a lot of fun doing so.


So this is the floor layout.

GK – Goal Keeper – Job is to catch the ball thrown by the S. This is a goal.
GD – Goal Defense – Job is to stop goals being scored and get ball to own team S to help score goals
S – Shooter – Job is to get the ball to the GK
SD – Shooter Defense – Job is to stop goals being scored and get ball to own team S to help score goals
C – Centre – Job is to get ball to own team S to help score goals

Centres are allowed anywhere except inside the circles
Goal defense are only allowed in their own 3rd and not in the circles
Shooter defense are allowed in their own and the centre 3rd but not in the circles
Goal Keepers and Shooters must have at least one foot in the circle at all times. If they jump, both feet must land inside the circle.

There are some other rules as well (several pages of them lol) but this is the basic game.

It fills some nights when an activity doesn’t quite take the whole meeting and the its our most requested activity.

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