Guides Around the World

GirlGuiding Ulster has put out 2 challenge badges in the last few years, Share the Fun and Guides around the World. We decided to do Guides around the world and picked four activities. An Ulster based quiz about town names was a challenge to the Guides but they worked together to find solutions. They also had a go at Egyptian Hieroglyphics and wrote secret messages to one another to decode.

We decorated wooden spoons in a traditional Russian way. The Guides really enjoyed it, it was very messy and some put in more effort than others. Some of our Guides are really artistic and did beautiful flowers and swirls over the bowl of the spoon. Halter had the joy of varnishing them and managed to get them stuck to newspaper and herself!

The final activity was cooking some Mexican chicken fajitas. I was surprised that none of the Guides had tried them before, they are a staple in my household and are eaten regularly by my little sisters. The night was a bit messy as we ended up having to use the upstairs kitchen, which is much smaller, as the beavers were using the downstairs one.

We handed the Guides ingredients, knives and chopping boards. TERRIFYING! Completely. It was the first time I had watched the Guides with knives, I can’t believe all Guides used to carry a dagger. So after I had some minor freakouts, all the ingredients were cut and we had them frying on the stove.

All the Guides had a taste but some of them refused to try any of the vegetables but they did eat the chicken. Some were brave enough to try the sour cream and salsa.

It was a good badge to do as a unit, it allowed us to explore the world a little and have a lot of fun too!

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