Games Night

Our first night back after Christmas was kind of in the middle of the Guide’s exams, so we wanted to have an easy fun night for those who came along. Halter and I settled on a Games Night.

Any games night has to have prizes and luckily, I’d been given a few strange things for Christmas, which I was glad to pass on. Up for grabs were 3 pairs of odd socks (Why would anyone ever want odd socks?), a chopsticks game and some sweets.

Halter and I ran one game each, I was up first with Kim’s Game. The idea behind this game is to have a selection of items on a covered tray, uncover the tray, give the Guides a few minutes to look at the items, cover the tray and then ask the Guides to write down as many items as they can remember. It’s a game that has been played with Guides since they started in 1910!

I cleared out my room and provided about 50 items on a table, covered with a blanket. I had a random selection of stuff which did include a Harry Potter wand. The Guides were very interested to check out my belongings.

Our winner managed an impressive 27 items and she went home with the chopsticks game and very pleased with herself.

The next part of the game was to remove and item from the table, with the Guide, who figured out which item was missing, winning a pair of odd socks. I have never seen such excitement about a pair of odd socks. There was serious competition going on, to go home with a pair.

Then Halter was up. She had put together a quiz like no other. Divided into two teams, when a team got a question correct, they got to pick a piece of paper out of a saucepan (improvisation), which would have some instructions and points on it. Points could be positive or negative, multipliers or swaps and the instructions could be to dance, sing, do gymnastics, or anything that came into Halter’s head!

The Guides loved it, so much excitement and enjoyment. It will definitely be repeated.

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