Bra Decorating, Year Planning and the Passion For Fashion

The first half term, was a short half term. The unit had started back late, due to the Leader passing away over the summer and was a bit disorganised to start with.

Cancer Research NI was doing a breast cancer awareness and fundraising event in town, and Sheetbend is very involved in the charity so wanted to get the Guides involved. The activity is was to decorate bras which would be displayed in the windows of shops in town.

The Guides and TSS had a great time! There were feathers, glitter and pipe cleaners everywhere and the bras were very bright and entertaining. Two of our Senior Section actually won prizes for their decorating.

The second night we started with some get to know each other activities and then covered a table with a long roll of paper and gave the Guides marker pens. They then drew all over it, with ideas of what they wanted to do for the year. It was very colourful and they came up with some excellent ideas. They wanted to do fashion, not my specialty, but Sheetbend turned up to a planning meeting with the Passion For Fashion GFI.

We had a look through the activities and settled on a few to cover us for the next 3 weeks up to half term.

Week 1: each patrol had to design a fashion range and produce a magazine spread to showcase their work. They did really well, the Daisies produced holiday wear, the Poppies designed shoes and the Daffodils went for gymnastic wear, I thought that was rather specific, but they thought they would have a market.

Week 2: discussion on sweat shops and the concept of beauty. The Guides discussed this fairly well to be honest. The concept of inner beauty and why people wear the clothes they do and why some people decide to makeup and others do not. We then made bracelets from loom bands, the Guides who knew how to make them, gave the others a hand and they all worked together well.

Week 3: The Guides were given scrap material and old clothes and asked to design a Guide Uniform in patrols. It was hilarious, we had a Wedding Guide outfit, a Sexy Guide outfit and a lovely skirt. None of them knew how to sew so there was a lot of glue everywhere.

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