Cinema Trip

Lark and I took 11 Guides to the cinema for our end of term trip. We had managed to earn enough money through easyfundrasing to enable us to fund the trip on a Tuesday night, since it’s crazy Tuesday and only £3 each.

Last year, every one of our Guides came to this end of term outing but this year we had only half. I think I can contribute that to the choice of movie this year. Last year we went to see Pitch Perfect 2 and it was brilliant, however this year, we had the choice between, Alice Through The Looking Glass or Ninja Turtles 2, we settled on Alice.

2016-06-14 20.36.28.jpg

The Guides were pretty good actually, a bit of chatting and giggling throughout the movie but nothing major. They seemed to join it and ate an alarming amount of sweets.

Afterwards I stood outside waiting for them all to be picked up. I had asked the parents to pick them up at 8.30pm. We got out of the movie at 8.15pm and all of the Guides text their parents, but I didn’t mind waiting until 8.30pm of course. However, one mother kind of took this to an extreme and didn’t turn up until 8.50pm!!! I was rather annoyed.

Next weekend is camp, I’m a bit nervous since I’m now going as the only leader, I’m hoping to get there early and have my tent up before the Guides arrive. That way I can concentrate on them and helping get their tents up.

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