Water Sports

Saturday was our Water Sports Day. This was the first time I had organised a day out for the Guides by myself and I had asked another Unit if they wanted to join us. We had 12 Guides from my Unit, 9 from the other Unit and I also brought along my half-sister, who is a 12 year old Guide from another district.

To start the day, we had to split into two groups, neither unit wanted to be split and interact with the other, so I was heartless and told them to wise up and split them up. They need to learn to interact with other people.

The first activities were the climbing wall and archery. Two of our Guides are afraid of heights and refused to climb on the wall. I did try to persuade them but they really weren’t up for it at all. I’m a bit scared of heights myself so I can understand but I had to try.

2016-05-28 12.38.56

I forgot to take pictures of the archery ( I was far too interested in the activity myself!) but they all really enjoyed it. The groups were starting to interact slowly, there was still a split between us and them though.

Over lunch they did start to talk to one another, my sister was getting on with them all, she had no worries!

One of my Guides came to me concerned that there wouldn’t be a wet-suit large enough to fit her. She’s a tall girl and fairly heavily set, nothing to worry about, but occasionally she gets a bit upset about being bigger than the other Guides. I reminded her that grown men came to this centre and she sort of laughed at herself and went away happy.

2016-05-28 14.27.42

For the afternoon they were in one massive group, we started with the canoeing.

2016-05-28 14.35.31

One instructor very kindly took myself and the other leader (and her son) out in the speedboat so we could watch the girls. One boat wasn’t doing so well on the steering so we gave them a hand and pushed them up 🙂

They canoed out to an old boat moored in the middle of the lake, the centre has set it up to be a jumping platform. It was fantastic, we had guides doing forward flips and bombs into the water, such squeals and shouts. They had a brilliant time and we loved watching.

2016-05-28 14.53.31

We then switched to having the Guides on Banana Boats and try to throw them off! Even the other Leader’s son, who was 6, had a go at driving the boat and knocked the Guides off. I think that made the day for him.

2016-05-28 15.33.12

A couple of the younger Guides got a bit frightened but they all had a go at least.

2016-05-28 15.37.49

All in all, I would highly recommend a water-sports day to any Guide Unit and for any in Northern Ireland, Craigavon Watersports has a fantastic set up and brilliant instructors.


As a leader, once I had it all booked, it was a very easy day to watch and join in with the Guides having fun.


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