Crafts and Badges

I’m not the best at crafts, its something I struggle with and tend to rely on my other leaders for help with. So I’m pretty impressed at my accomplishments for our badge presentation this year!

2016-05-29 15.47.07

We are having a Look Back and Celebrate party as part of our Senior Section Spectacular Badge and we have a lot of Badges to hand out to the Guides. I wanted something beautiful to hand to the Guides in front of our guests. However, each of our girls had earned a number of different badges and it would be difficult to make sure each Guide got the correct ones.

I got ribbon and double sided sticky pads and stuck the badges for each girl onto a ribbon with their name at the top. That way I was able to call out the name of the girl and she could come up and receive her badges! Hopefully we shall see some of them sewn onto t-shirts or camp blankets in the future.

2016-05-29 17.23.54

I’m pretty proud of me 🙂

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