100 Years of Senior Section Party

The day was finally here, the Celebration/Look Back party. I’ve been having a bit of a stressful time in work and could have done with the party going off without a hitch but that was a bit too much to expect from a Guiding party I suppose.

I asked the Guides and Leaders to arrive 15 mins early and Sheetbend has the keys to let us in when the Beavers aren’t meeting. However Sheetbend was late and we didn’t get into the hall until our guests started to arrive and well… everything was a bit of a mess.

Barrel was supposed to have invited the Trefoil Guild 3 weeks ago… but hadn’t. She had, in fact, invited them the day before. But we had two very lovely ladies appear to join our celebrations. I had also invited any mums, big sisters, aunts and grandmothers who had ever been involved in Guiding or wanted to find out more about it and two lovely mums appeared. We invited our District Commissioner, Clove and had a few old Senior Section members.

Sheetbend had promised sandwiches but turned up with some cold pre-cooked chicken wings and cocktail sausages and the fixings for some sandwiches. So overall not a success.

Barrel was assigned traybakes and turned up with some cake.

I was assigned smores, I achieved all the fixings, put them in the oven to melt, in a metal dish… and then promptly forgot about them! That involved a lot of scraping of burnt marshmallow off the oven *Headdesk*

However, some things did go to plan. We had a competition to design the uniform 100 years in the future. We gave the Guides plastic bags, newspaper and sellotape and set them off while the adults chatted. Some of their outfits were hilarious. One team had added a diaper, they claimed it was to show that Guiding was for all ages. Several teams had hats, one looked like a wee bonnet. Three out of four teams had capes, they claim they would be practical at camp. It was very very funny.

Sheetbend had brought some old pictures of our Guide and Senior Section Units in years gone by, including one which shows the unit parading on VE day. After reading the book, “How the Girl Guides won the War”, that picture really hit me hard. It’s a book which I will probably do a blog entry on at some point over the summer.

One of the Guides brought her mother’s old uniforms to show to us all, the Guides all agreed that culottes were not the way to go with a future uniform.

As part of the yearly challenge badges, we went around the room and asked everyone what they enjoyed about being a Guide, Trefoil Guild member, Leader or parent. It was lovely to hear what the Girls enjoyed. One of the Trefoil Guild members had attended a Boarding School in Dublin where basically everyone was in the Guide Company. Captainball was almost a school sport and they competed against other Boarding Schools in and around Dublin.

I asked a friend in work to bake and decorate a cake for the party. I can bake, but am not very good at decorating. The cake was amazing.

2016-06-07 19.01.35

The presentation of awards also went well. The Guides thought the ribbons were really pretty 🙂 We awarded patrol of the year to the Poppies who had managed to average the most stickers per patrol member for being helpful (and some other things you can get stickers for, like sewing on badges).

It did take the Leaders quite a while to clear up after the Guides at went home and it was very hot! So Sheetbend’s Daughter and Granddaughter bought us ice lollies from the shop across the road, I was very thankful.

I had brought my Camp Blanket along to show the Guides examples of old Brownie and Guide badges and I was showing Sheetbend the section of my blanket which shows badges we’ve done with the Guides and the couple of swaps I have managed to gain, from a Canadian Guider at  Camp last year and one Reef sent me from where she camped this year. Sheetbend said I should have some of the old Guiding Badges and gave me a pile of them. She also gave me the old necker of the unit, we don’t wear one anymore but our colour was green.

2016-06-08 21.51.12.jpg

I’ve decided that I’m going to sew the badges onto the necker and then sew the necker to my blanket in the swaps and special occasions section. This was a gift that made me very happy, and it didn’t even cause Sheetbend a second thought.

I spent the evening looking up what the badges were for and learnt about Patrol Pendants, something I had never heard about before.

At the end of the month, our unit is going to a camp organised by Lorne (Guiding Headquarters in Ulster), Barrel is supposed to be there as well and informed me that she will be there on the Friday night but needs to leave on the Saturday and may not make it back for the Sunday. I kind of wanted to ask her what the point of her coming at all was but I think I’ve given up. I’m now trying to see if I can get another leader to come with me but it’s technically alright if I can’t, ratio-wise for our Guides I’m within the limits with 11 Guides and there will be other leaders there. It may just be a bit boring for me.

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