Party Planning GFI and Mission Spectacular

In two weeks time, we are having a party as part of our Mission Spectacular Badge (, to celebrate 100 years of Senior Section (also known as Rangers). Some of our Guides need another GFI to complete their Challenge Badge for the year, so I decided to combine this with the Parties GFI.

This means the Guides needed to plan the party and will need to serve as hosts at the party. This seemed very simple evening, low stress… but no.

We asked for the theme to be something to do with 100 Years of Senior Section, we got back

  • Under the sea
  • 1980’s
  • Blue
  • Guiding 100 years in the Future (Leader’s suggestion)

When asked how Under the Sea related to Guiding, they responded that the sea was blue, like Girl Guiding, and that there were many fish in the sea, like Girl Guides all over the world. It was a good try but we still said no!

The 1980’s was more difficult. We asked what the patrol had envisioned and they talked about neon and legwarmers. We had to explain that that wasn’t what Girl Guiding was like then. The uniform had just changed to the Jeff Banks uniform from the Blouse and Skirt. But Guiding definitely wasn’t neon.

We managed to compromise on “The Old and The New”. A light supper of sandwiches and traybakes (Possibly a Northern Irish Guide thing) and smores (you have to have smores at a Guide party). We are going to try and get hold of some old uniforms, I’ll be bringing along my Guide Uniform and my camp blanket.

The Guides have also challenged us to a Young vs. Old Captainball match. They seem to think they will win :p, I think they forget that all of us have been Guides and played captainball for years! Also some of the adults will be taller than them.

Halfway through planning, the Beavers, who meet in the hall next door, kindly offered us some ice cream sliders, these were gratefully received in the warm weather!

We finished the evening outside playing games and had our circle and sang Taps out there. It was a lovely end to a stressful evening.

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