Gross Pizza

I haven’t got a picture of this activity and I can assure you that you should be grateful!

This week the Daisy patrol were in charge and got to plan and run the entire evening. As a team they did pretty well, got everything organised with a minimum of arguing. Their idea was Gross Pizzas. They got 17 random ingredients, including but not limited to, cheese, ham, pineapple, grapes, cinnamon, marmite, boveril, sundried tomatoes, anchovies and sardines.

They numbered each of the ingredients, then asked each guide to pick 3 numbers at random. The patrol kindly built and cooked the pizza slice for each guide. Each Guide was then blindfolded and asked to taste and identify each of the ingredients.

Well that was disgusting! I had to ask one of my fellow leaders to take over in the kitchen because I couldn’t even cope with the smell. I don’t think the other Guides enjoyed themselves very much but they did get rewarded with sweets thank goodness.

We then played games like Whispers and What I Bought at the Shops.

Even though it was gross, the Daisies worked well together and I was proud of that.

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