Brownie Night

Finally it was time for our Brownie Night. This year we decided to combine the Brownie Night with part of the Mission Spectacular Badge because we are quickly running out of nights to fill! We had only 3 Brownies out of the 13 who were invited, turn up, although one parent rang to explain they had had a family emergency and ask if his daughter could attend the following week (completely fair enough and of course I agreed she could visit the next week). I was a little disappointed by this but hopefully plenty turn up in September.

Square started off with Speed Dating, letting the Brownies get to know the Guides and vice versa. It was good fun and they all learnt some new things about each other.

Then we did the Ready Steady Create Challenge, I adapted it a bit, since our kitchen isn’t really big enough to allow all of our Guides to work in there comfortably. Reef is a Guide Leader in Sheffield with a very large Guide group and one of their favourite activities is the give the Guides a range of ingredients and get them to use them to make something to a theme.

So we gave them cakes, wafers, ice cream cones, fruit, cream, sweets, jelly and more and the theme, “100 years of senior section”, along with a sheet of ideas and let them get on with it.

Most of the groups worked really well and produced some excellent work but one group of slightly older Guides ended up messing around and wasted a lot of food into a pile of mush on their table.


I was very very annoyed at them. They were very lucky that they got it into the bin without me noticing because I was planning on making them eat it.

However one of the groups made the mission spectacular badge and another group did the Queen’s Guide Award.

Decorate off pic

So we were pretty impressed with the effort they had put in.

Square ended the night with Sports Charades, where each group sent one person running up to a leader. The leader told them a sport, the Guide had to run back and show it to their group and the group had to guess the sport. Square did a really good job tonight.

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