S’mores and Tents

This week I was a little let down by my other leaders. We have the official LiC (Leader in Charge), Barrel; an Assistant Leader, Sheetbend, who is only helping us out occasionally since she is working up to retirement (her, I have no problem with); our two LiT’s (Leaders in Training), Square and Sheepshank and a Unit Helper, Fisherman. Fisherman hasn’t completed her CRB check yet so obviously cannot be left alone with the Guides (Girlguiding UK rules) and Square, as I mentioned before is doing a university course, has several placements and is also a hockey coach, so she isn’t always available for Guide meetings or things at weekends. Once again, her, I have no problem with, I am happy to help her with her leadership and love seeing her, she is great with the Guides as well.

However, Barrel and Sheepshank are a different story, they never let me know when they aren’t going to be at Guides, frequently contacting Sheetbend but not me, when Sheetbend isn’t going to be at the meeting herself. To be honest, if they had good reasons for not attending I wouldn’t mind but often its that they decided to go for a walk instead, or go canvasing with a local politician like this week.

I can run a Guide Company by myself, but I’d really rather not. I have a full time job and a part time one, in addition to volunteering with Guides and I like having some free time. So I’m hoping that they all start stepping up.

Right, rant over, let’s move on to what we did this week. I had Sheetbend, Fisherman and Square (She could only stay for half of the meeting) and we were putting up tents outside. At least it didn’t rain but it was very windy, none of them got the idea that putting something heavy on the part of the tent they aren’t dealing with, stops it from blowing away! It took nearly 40 mins but at the end we had 4 tents all standing in one form or another, and without too much arguing.


Then came the challenge of taking them back down and putting them back into the bags they came in. We sensibly moved back inside for that bit, it was bitterly cold by that time.

We are heading to camp at the end of June. Last year was my first year as a leader at camp, and none of our Guides had ever camped before, so getting the tents up was a struggle. I’m hoping we are in better shape for this year!

And if you have tents, then you definitely have to have S’mores 🙂 so we melted marshmallows over tealights and ate lots and lots of S’mores while chatting about camp songs. I’m hoping that they will know a few more before camp.

All in all, it was a pretty good night.




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