GFI’s and Activity Planning

Many apologies, I’m new to the whole blogging thing and completely forgot to take a picture this week.

So each of our patrols had chosen a different GFI pack and yet they all managed to incorporate food somehow! The Roses made chocolate muffins and then did some of the paper activities. The Poppies made fruit smoothies, watching them try to figure out how to peel and chop a kiwi, was one of the more entertaining things in the evening. The Daisies had food from all over the world, and actually impressed me with trying new and exciting foods like sushi and seaweed.

I’m not entirely certain what the Daffodils were up to but it included apples and honey and they seemed to have fun. I was very wary when they came to me and tried to get me to eat an apple, the last time that patrol offered me food, it was a pancake they had dropped on the floor!

Overall, they seemed to have fun and mostly kept themselves entertained for an hour. They are still pretty new at planning their own evenings.

Last week the girls decided that they would like a trip to the local trampoline park which has recently opened. It sounded good and I decided to ask if another local Guide Group would like to join us, thinking that, if we got enough, we could book out the entire place and let the girls go wild. However, the other Guide Leader told me that there has already been several serious accidents at the place, with broken legs and arms. We decided that the risk was too large to bring such a big group of girls.

Therefore we decided to plan a day at our local water-sports centre instead. So I’ve asked two local Guide groups to join us and we are booked to go do Canoeing and Banana Boating and two dry activities as well, Archery and Climbing.

We have two leaders in training in our unit, having just recently completed my own ALQ, I’ve tried to take on a mentoring role with both of them. Occasionally I worry in case I’m coming on too strong but mostly I just want to make it as easy as possible for them. Sheepshank is a single mother with an 8 year old boy and Square is in the midst of a university course and works strange hours. Square is also a hockey coach so hasn’t been with us on our meeting night for the last couple of months, which I don’t mind, but I’m loving having her back, as she is really good with the Guides.

Our District Commissioner has just taken up the role and is trying to settle in and get things organised. She is actually my old Guide Leader, Clove 🙂 and I’ve been enjoying working with her so far. She held her first district meeting last night and I’m honored that she has asked me to set up a mentor group with the new Leaders in Training to give them a hand with their leadership book. I enjoy working with people and really am happy to help.

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