Brownie Invitations and GFI’s

It’s coming to the end of the year now, only a few months to go and it’s time to invite the older Brownies up for a visit to Guides. I think it gives them a chance to meet our current Guides, get to know the leaders and see what Guides is all about.

Last year, we had a bake off (actually a decorate off – but close enough). They had a flan, some cup cakes and a swiss roll. Then each group competed to get different ingredients and had a go at decorating. The Brownies and the Guides really enjoyed it.

2015-06-02 20.06.56.jpg

This year I am leaving the planning to our two new Leaders in Training and this week one of them sorted the Guides into making individual invitations for each of the Brownies. There was a great range of artistic skill but each of the invitations was made specially. We have 13 Brownies from 3 different packs coming to visit. So in total, that night, we will have 35 girls!

After this, we got the girls planning their second Go For It of the year. Go For It’s are packs on a theme, which suggest a lot of activities for the Guides to do. They get to pick their own activities and organise themselves in their Patrols.

Guides are arranged into groups called Patrols, our patrols are named after flowers, we have the Roses, Daffodils, Poppies and Daisies. Daffodils have chosen – Five Senses, Roses – Chocolate, Daisies – Globalistic and Poppies – Healthy Eating.

They have got their plans for next week and I look forward to seeing what they come up with!

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